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Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support


The establishment of the Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support program at Mitchelton State Special School has assisted in the creation of a learning and teaching environment which is designed to:

¨ Maximise academic success

¨ Teach important social skills

¨ Recognise and model good behaviour

¨ Establish positive styles of communication

The School Wide Positive Behaviour Support Program further enhances academic and behavioural support for all students by establishing a continuum of behaviour support which is inclusive of all students across their schooling years at Mitchelton. The program promotes school wide specific teaching of the behaviours and social skills expected of the students at Mitchelton. These have been encapsulated by the Mitchie 5.  Mitchelton teachers ensure social and behavioural instruction is direct, explicit and relevant by teaching students precisely and directly about what is required of them to enact the Mitchie 5.  Student progress is monitored and  rewarded both in individual classes and as a whole school.  Click here for examples of the way in which the Mitchie 5 is implemented throughout the school.

For more information about the implementation of Schoolwide Positive Behaviour Support at Mitchelton Special School read our information booklet.

To help reinforce our Mitchie 5 behaviours to our students we focus on one of the behaviours each week.  Students are encouraged to wear the colour corresponding with the behaviour of the week on Mondays.

Download the Mitchie 5 Calendar for Term 1 here. 

Download the Mitchie 5 Calendar for Term 2 here. 

Download the Mitchie 5 Calendar for Term 3 here. 

Download the Mitchie 5 Calendar for Term 4 here.


Click on the links below for examples of actions that represent each of our Mitchie 5 behaviours:

Safe & Supportive

Kind & Considerate

Look & Listen

Accept & Respect